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This Teen Is Getting Her College Degree Before Her High School Diploma

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: CBS News Chicago

A black female teen from Gary, Indiana has just accomplished a rare and amazing academic feat.

According to CBS News, Raven Osborne (pictured) received a four-year college degree from Purdue University Northwest before she is going to get her high school diploma from Gary’s 21st Century Charter High School.

Osborne, 18, worked hard and completed her college credits ahead of time while she was still in high school.

Osborne achieved this by doing online classes year-round at a local community college and two years of courses at Purdue Northwest, which also counted as a full year of high school credit.

“I [graduated] from college on May 5th,” Osborne told Jericka Duncan, a reporter for CBS News.

On May 22nd, Osborne is scheduled to receive her high school diploma from 21st Century Charter High School. She told Duncan that people didn’t believe her when she told them what she was about to accomplish. The big question is, “How did she do this?”

“Yeah they think I’m lying,” Osborne said in her CBS News interview.

She claimed her second year of high school posed the biggest challenges of her academic journey. “Sophomore, that was the most work. I had five high school classes, four college classes,” Osborne continued. 21st Century Charter High School requires all students to receive some kind of college credit to be eligible for graduation.

Most students just take a few courses. Even less actually gain enough credits to earn their Associate’s Degree while they’re working on a high school diploma. However, Osborne took her motivation to the next level and earned the opportunity to be the only one in her graduating class to accomplish what she has.

Osborne was able to earn her college degree free of charge. She plans to teach at  21st Century Charter High School beginning in fall 2017.

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