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Federal Judge in Alabama Believes That Segregating White School Kids From Black School Kids is a Good Idea

By Victor Trammell

Last Friday, The Daily Beast published a column written by Barrett Holmes Pitner, an author, political correspondent, and race culture journalist based in Washington D.C.

Pitner’s informative and far-reaching column was about a public school segregation case in Jefferson County, Alabama that came to a close two weeks ago.

“School re-segregation is shaping up to be one of the new battles for equality in Trump’s America,” Pitner wrote.

This may certainly be the case. Coincidentally, two counties called Jefferson (one in Kentucky, the other in Alabama) have made national news headlines over cases involving school segregation. In Kentucky, earlier this year, segregationists got their way after acquiring support inside the state legislature.

“Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky proposed a bill in the state legislature that would destroy the county’s busing program that ensures diversity of race and income in the classroom,” Pitner also wrote.

But the school segregationists of the south were not done yet. Madeline Haikala (pictured) a federal judge in the U.S. District Court in Birmingham, Alabama recently ruled that the nearly all-white city of Gardendale had the right to secede from the more diverse Jefferson County public school district and form its own education system.

As far as Pitner is concerned, Judge Haikala’s ruling unlocked the floodgates for more predominately white cities to segregate themselves from more diverse unified public school districts that operate within the framework of a county system that contains smaller cities and townships. Bigger cities generally have their own public school districts.

“School districts that champion diversity in the classroom regularly must jump through legal hoops to sustain their diversity following the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Meredith v. Jefferson County Public Schools in 2006 that outlawed strict race-based quotas,” Pitner went on to write.

“Judge Haikala’s decision, however, could open the door to race being used as implement for separation and not integration,” he continued.

The code words “school choice” have been used frequently by President Donald Trump and other members of his administration’s education policy apparatus. However, when staunch segregationists want to make a choice about their children’s education, are their desires becoming more legal to carry out?

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