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Singer Labeled a Racist Just For Saying She Can’t Find Black Dolls For Her Daughters

By Victor Trammell

A British singer and television show host came under unwarranted fire after making a fair suggestion about product diversity in the doll manufacturing industry.

Jamelia (pictured) is a 36-year-old award-winning singer and songwriter who has a current hosting gig on Britain’s daytime talk show “This Morning.” During a recent episode, Jamelia emphasized the existing issue of there being a lack of choices when it comes to ethnic-specific baby dolls within the toy industry for black girls.

Jamelia (who is a mother two daughters) addressed the issue diplomatically and is no stranger to making race a topic of relevant discussion when necessary. However, her complaints about a lack of diversity in Britain’s multi-billion dollar toy manufacturing industry were met with anger, which was spewed from viewers on social media.

The gold and platinum album seller was even accused of being a racist by some of the viewers of Jamelia’s recent episode of “This Morning.” Other viewers tried to accuse her of exaggerating the problem and went as far to say that a diversity problem in the toy manufacturing industry is non-existent.

“Jamelia casually being racist on #ThisMorning,” tweeted a disgruntled viewer who goes by Daz Chadders on Twitter.

“So enraged by Jamelia. Banging on about issues that don’t exist. You don’t hear me complaining that no dolls are ginger. #thismorning,” tweeted another angry viewer who goes by dirty and wrong on Twitter.

During Jamelia’s presentation on the show, pre-recorded video footage was aired of her visiting actual stores where she had difficulty finding black dolls for her daughters. One of Jamelia’s interviewees agreed that ethnic-specific dolls are significant because they present a form of “self-representation” for young girls.

A “This Morning” viewer and Twitter user who goes by Kirsty claimed she agreed with Jamelia on this issue.

“Jamelia wasn’t negative about white dolls! Representation IS important and she wants more diversity. Nothing wrong with that,” Kirsty tweeted.

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