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Teacher Charged With Assault After Being Caught Having “relations” With Student – He’s 15, She’s Married

By Victor Trammell

Law enforcement officials in the Broward County, Florida area have arrested an actress and eighth-grade drama teacher after she was allegedly caught in the rear seat of her vehicle having $exual relations with a 15-year-old male who is a former student of hers.

CBS Miami reported on Friday (May 12th) that 33-year-old Pamela Stigger (pictured) was taken into custody around 5 a.m. on Thursday (May 11th). Stigger teaches eighth-grade drama students at Forest Glen Middle School in Coral Springs, Florida. Stigger is also married to Kenneth Stigger, an aspiring actor and model.

The International Movie Database (IMDB)-listed actress was charged by the Broward County District Attorney’s Office with felony offenses, including $exual battery and lewd behavior with a minor. Stigger’s latest court appearance was at a bail hearing last Friday.

“[Mrs. Stigger] was discovered parked in an area of [Tamarac, Florida] at two o’clock in the morning with this teenage boy in the back seat of her car,” said Gina Carter, a spokeswoman for the Broward County Sherriff’s Department.

“When she was questioned about what they were doing and if they had, in fact, engaged in $exual acts, she denied being engaged in these $exual acts despite the fact that the young man was undressed,” Carter continued in her statement to the press.

“She did say that she was in the process of mentoring this past student of hers, even though it was two o’clock in the morning, and they were in the back seat of a car,” Carter went on to say.

According to IMDB’s website, Stigger has starred in three movies, including Pre-Judge Us and Loving Till It Hurts. Both of these films have 2017 release dates. Stigger’s third film, titled Booted is listed by IMDB as having an unknown production status.

A spokesperson for the Broward County public school district has released a statement saying that Stigger was “administratively reassigned away from the school, and will not be permitted access to students.” Bail for Stigger was set at $37,500.00.

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