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Inspirational 8-Year-Old Animal Lover’s Video is Going Viral

By: Krystle Crossman

Aiden loves animals. He loves to spread his fascination to others and is always willing to give someone a zoology lesson. Recently his sister, Britney, posted a video of him teaching her all about the Asian longhorn beetle and it has gone viral. Kids and adults alike are learning quite a bit from Aiden and everyone is so impressed with his knowledge. Britney is extremely proud of her brother and hopes that he continues with his passion for zoology. Right now he is only 8-years-old so he has plenty of time to make a career. He is already making a name for himself on the internet.

In the video that his sister posted, Aiden is seen talking about trees and how you can tell how old they are, the danger that they face, ants, and his theory on why the Asian longhorn beetle has migrated to the US. The video has been retweeted on Twitter over 84,500 times. People are loving Aiden’s thoughts on the different topics that he discusses. Britney says that Aiden dreamed of having his own Youtube channel, which is why she put the video up in the first place. Popular Twitter celebs have stated that they feel Aiden needs his own show. A very well-known Youtuber, vlogger, and comedian named Kid Fury asked what the young man’s name was so that he could put him as Black Excellence on his next show. Other well-known online presences¬†have stated that they now feel smarter because they have the knowledge that he gave to them.

HuffPost interviewed the siblings recently. Britney said that she is so proud of her brother and that she loves how confident he is in his knowledge and wants to spread that information to others to help them feel confident as well. Aiden states that his love for animals stems from studying the “super powers” that they have, which he says are sometimes much greater than what we have. Thanks to the massive outpouring of support that the video has gotten Aiden’s Youtube channel, Aiden the Zoologist, is now live. His sister also created a GoFundMe page to go towards his college education. The campaign has currently raised over $4,300. It seems that Aiden’s sister isn’t the only one who has faith in this impressive young man!

View Aiden’s video here


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