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Mother Explains Why She’s Terrified Her Kid Will Have White Friends

By: Krystle Crossman

When you live in a predominantly white neighborhood, sending your child to a public school can be a source of worry and fear. Racism is still very much a problem in schools and children are suffering at the hands of their peers. Toya Sharee has a daughter who is about to enter preschool and she says that the thought of her child being in an environment filled which children who may cause her daughter a significant amount of emotional pain is filling her with dread.

Sharee stated that her daughter is only two at this point but she and her husband are trying to think ahead as much as possible. They have been looking into a variety of options from relocating to a better part of the area where their daughter will be in a good school system to enrolling her in private school. They drove through prospective neighborhoods wondering if their daughter would be one of the only black children in the school. They do want their daughter to have to deal with a little bit of the struggle that black people face every day so that she can learn about tolerance and how to deal with peers who have not been taught about diversity.

Citing author Margaret Jacobsen, Sharee states that she is afraid of the white parents who say that they “don’t see color” because they may not have any knowledge of culture and diversity. She said that after reading an article from Jacobsen that described her fear of having her daughter make friends with white children she felt that a vetting process was needed to make sure that her daughter was with people who understood where she came from and that she had a different history than they did.

Overall, Sharee says that she is just trying to make sure that her daughter doesn’t get her feelings hurt but also learns to socialize with her peers. She wants her daughter to be proud of who she is and where she comes from and also wants her to help teach others about diversity. She plans on preparing her child on how to deal with racism should it come her way. How do you plan on preparing your child for the challenges that they may face once they are in the public school system?


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