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10-Year-Old Invents Device That Will Save Countless Infants From Dying in Hot Cars

By: Krystle Crossman

Bishop Curry knew that he had to do something to help after learning that his neighbor’s 6-month-old had died from being left in a hot car. He didn’t want any other family to have to go through that so he decided that he was going to invent a device that would help prevent hot car deaths. Sadly the number of children that have died in cars in the hot summer months has increased steadily through the years. There have been 712 deaths in the last 19 years from children being left in a car while temperatures soared. Texas, where Bishop lives, contributes to a very large portion of that number of deaths.

Bishop thought about the design of his invention and made a model out of clay to show off the prototype. The device will sense what the temperature in the car is and then if it gets to a certain temperature cool air will be emitted from the device. At the same time, an alert will be sent to the driver and also the local authorities so that they know that temperatures in the car have risen to dangerous levels and that there is someone in the car who could be in danger. The device will be able to tell whether there is a child in the car or not, so no alerts would be sent out if it does not detect that there is a child still in their seat. It sits on the top of the child’s car seat so that when cool air is blown out it will blow onto the child.

Bishop and his father worked on the prototype for the device that they are calling Oasis. They have a 3D model that has been made out of clay and they already have a patent in the works. A Go Fund Me page was set up so that they could raise money to actually build the device and get a full patent on it. As of June 25th, they had raised $30,383. Their goal was set at $24,000 to cover the production costs. Bishop says that he is really excited that this is all happening. He hopes that he will make more inventions someday that will help to save even more lives.


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