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Fourth Grade Girl Goes Viral After Sharing Facebook Video About Racist Bullies

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Facebook

A girl who just completed her fourth grade year at an elementary school in Bellevue, Washington has become an internet sensation after posting her own video on Facebook.

According to KIRO Channel 7, a local CBS News-affiliated media source based in Seattle, Washington, Nasir Andrews, (pictured) brought a great deal of attention to the racist bullying she endured at her school this past year. In her video, which has now gone viral, Andrews, 9, holds up cue cards to the camera with some sad messages on them.

“I was a happy kid until I started school,” read some of the cards. “Kids began to bully me. [I was] threatened to do the classwork of a peer or get beat up,” the cards went on to read. Andrews is a student at Ardmore Elementary School in the Bellevue public school district (USD 405).

Andrews also was called racist names by a number of students at her predominantly white school. “A student called me ‘Nutella’ and I told my after school teacher and she said it wasn’t racist and she made me write the definition of racist,” Andrews told KIRO 7 in an exclusive interview last week.

She was also called “servant” and found herself routinely isolated by her fellow students, which she believes was based on her race.

“Everybody in my class does not like me and I don’t have any friends in my class or in the other fourth grade classes,” Andrews continued.

Travis and Chantey Andrews are Nasir’s parents. They moved to Washington from Georgia this past year. In Georgia, the Andrews family never had any problems with racism at their daughter’s schools. They also told KIRO 7 News that they wished the Bellevue School District had done more to confront the problem their daughter exposed in her Facebook video.

More than two-thirds of a million people have seen Nasir’s video and it has been shared on Facebook over 17,000 times. You can watch it here.

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