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Could This Four and Six-Year-Old Golfer Duo Be The Next “Venus & Serena”?

By: Krystle Crossman

When Jasimen Phillips called the Maggie Hathaway Golf Course to complain about golf balls that were flying into her yard, she had no idea that she was jump-starting her daughters’ passion for the sport. The golf course offered free lessons to help compensate for the inconvenience. Phillips brought her daughters, Layla and Roxy, to the course and quickly found out that they both were very good at the sport. She began taking them to the Help Youth Through Golf program in Los Angeles so that they could work on their skills.

6-year-old Layla worked on her golf skills and then went on to win the Southern California PGA drive, chip, and putt tournament. She will be competing in San Diego for the Junior World Golf Championships. She is excited about competing with other junior golfers from all over the world. The championships run from August 3rd through August 5th and will host 1,500 players under the age of 12 from 50 different countries around the world. There will be a parade, skills challenges, a parent/child tournament, team tournaments, and individual competitions for all of the players.

Layla’s sister Roxy is just 4-years-old. She is not competing just yet so, for now, she is spending time at the golf course fine tuning her skills. Jasimen says that she has a photographic memory and it is helping her immensely when it comes to figuring out swings. She said that Roxy can watch someone’s stance and their swing and she is able to imitate it perfectly. This will be a very useful tool, especially when she begins competing in the fall.

Phillips thinks that her daughters are what the golfing world needs and she is happy that golf is a sport that is very junior-friendly. She knows that her daughters will go far as they grow older. The CEO of Help Youth Through Golfing, Luis Batson, agrees. He says that he compares them to Venus and Serena Williams and says that they are going to be what the sporting world needs to see as there are not many sister duos out there in competitive sports. Batson told a local news station that the girls were extremely good at golf and that we would see great things from them.


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