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Talk Radio Station Under Fire For Comparing Black Kids To Dogs In Twitter Photo

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Radio 702/YouTube

A commercial FM talk radio station caused a big rash of backlash after a racist tweet was shared on the station’s social media network. The radio station is based a nation, which was formerly the breeding ground for apartheid.

According to The Citizen, a national South African-based newspaper, social media managers at Radio 702 messed up in a major way on Sunday (July 23rd) by posting a hateful photo on Twitter. The photo clearly appeared to compare black children to dogs.

The antics of bigotry by Radio 702 were very ironic and awkward considering the fact that on Sunday, the radio station was partnering with MTN (a telecommunications company) for a campaign called “Walk the Talk.” This campaign organized people to walk long distances on behalf of women and children who were domestic violence victims.

South Africans actually came out in great numbers to support the cause. Many citizens walked their dogs along with them during the “Walk the Talk” campaign. However, Radio 702 used pictures of dogs and African children to send a crude, subliminal message in a now-deleted tweet.

“#MTN702Walk Aaaw! Dog VS baby … who’s cuter? Go ahead and evoke those broody feelings,” wrote the station’s social media manager. The tweet contained two pictures of a person walking their dog, which were adjacent to two more pictures of small African children who were being held or accompanied by adults.

Radio 702 deleted the tweet and offered a public apology via social media. However, the face-saving gesture was too much, too little, and too late. The photo had already been shared many times by social media users all over the world who were offended by the picture and the subliminally racist message associated with it.

A picture of Radio 702’s deleted Twitter photo can be seen below.

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