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Young Couple Owns Moe Melanin LLC, a Company That Designs Notebooks With Positive Images for Black Children

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Bonnie Bolden/The News-Star

A young and black married couple that resides in Monroe, Louisiana is living proof that two people in their age group can build something together, which reverses the negative stereotypes often labeled on black children and young adults.

According to the News Star, a newspaper owned by the USA Today, Terrence Price (pictured left) and his wife Constance Price (pictured right) are the founders of a company called Moe Melanin LLC. This brand specializes in the design and selling of school supplies, such as notebooks that depict healthy images of black youths.

The News Star published an exclusive report profiling the Prices earlier this week. So far, business has been very good for the successful couple. Their company’s notebooks (which are made by hand) are selling very well. Currently, Moe Melanin LLC handles close to 1,000 orders per month.

“We created these melanated notebooks as a way to display more images of Blacks that are positive, inspiring, and empowering. To some these are just notebooks, but to others these are seeds being planted. Every day we are thinking of new ways to reach more people,” reads a statement on the company’s Facebook page written this past spring.

Mrs. Price told the News Star that both she and her husband enjoy what they do. Their main focus has been to provide depictions of black youths aspiring to do things for a living that are different from what they are naturally programmed by society to do, such as perform music or play sports.

“[We want to show children that there are] other career paths, and let them know they have options. Most importantly, that they see themselves in our images, that they see that they have options,” she told the News Star in an exclusive interview.

Mr. and Mrs. Price are both full-time students at the University of Louisiana Monroe. Mrs. Price is scheduled to graduate this winter with a degree in the health care field. She is also a member of the National Guard. Mr. Price has two semesters to go before he receives a degree in psychology.

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