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Homeschooling Parents Start Bookstore Showing Positive Images of Black People

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: NBC News

Black people in America often complain about being underrepresented in various societal facets, which have to do with literature, history, and education.

Most of them claim that negative stereotypes emanate from the majority of the representation sources black people are granted in American society. As it pertains to black children, it is increasingly important for them to see their race’s historic contributions throughout America and the world’s existence be accurately depicted in their education curriculum.

The wise black parents are the ones who do much more than protest or complain about the lack of positive representation of their race in society. In the case of Jeffery and Pamela Blair (pictured), promoting the positive representation of black people in literature, history, and education is literally their business.

The Blair Family owns a bookstore called #EyeSeeMee. They are also the proud home-school educators of their own children. The #EyeSeeMee bookstore is located in University City, Missouri. This entity also has an online contemporary for prospective customers who are not able to travel to the store physically.

Mr. and Mrs. Blair partially quoted the following in the joint mission statement published on their company’s website:

“We knew that if we could instill within our children a pride in their heritage and awareness of the great accomplishments of their forefathers that this would be the foundation that would allow them to grow into their full potential. We also realized that children learn by playing and interacting; not by simply memorizing and regurgitating dates and events during Black History Month.  We created an environment for our children, which bridged the gap between education, identity, history, and fun.”

The Blairs and their wonderful success story was nationally profiled earlier this year exclusively by NBC News. After their inventory grew, the couple started getting calls and contacts from people all over the country who wanted to reach out to them for advice about how to be a successful black business person.

“It’s been a little overwhelming,” Pamela Blair told NBC News.

However, the couple has remained steadfast to their plan as their business has grown. This steadfastness is rooted in a genuine dedication to improving the imagery of black people in America. “African-American children need this. It’s so rare to see positive imagery around their identity and history,” Jeffery Blair said in his NBC interview.

If you do not live in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area, you can still support the Blair Family’s bookstore here.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling, visit:






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One thought on “Homeschooling Parents Start Bookstore Showing Positive Images of Black People

  1. Dawn Johnson

    Good morning, I am a grandmother that support and involvement with homeschooling my grandson Marcus for the last three year’s. I believe and notice the difference between Public school system and Homeschooling growth and improvement with his Self esteem, confidence and Achievement.


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