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Sixth-Graders Made a Rap Video About Education and it Went Viral

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: ABC News

On this past Wednesday (November 1st), a group of brilliant, black middle-school children from Milwaukee, Wisconsin put themselves on the map by using their hip-hop skills positively to promote education.

According to ABC News, some sixth-grade students at Milwaukee Excellence School had a rap video of theirs recorded by Mr. Terrance Sims, their school math teacher. The song put together by the students is called “Excellence First.” On their inspiring record, the young school children are creatively emphasizing their message of valuing academics.

A few days ago, this awesome group of middle school children made a live appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America performing their wonderful hip-hop anthem for children. In an interview with ABC News, Sims described his pivotal role in helping his bright, young math students share their productive hip-hop artistry with the world.

“I just started at this school this year, and when I got there, I wanted the kids to know right away that this was my approach to teaching,” Sims said in his exclusive interview with the major national news outlet.

“So I wrote an introductory rap at the start of the school year to get them hooked in. The ball got rolling, and they started adding for lyrics. It catapulted to what it is today,” he continued. When the video was released via YouTube and Instagram, it garnered the attention of a legion of people, including some A-list crowd pleasers.

“Hopefully they can make striving for excellence popular again:) I love this!” tweeted the lovely Jada Pinkett Smith. Former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama also commented on Instagram saying: “Young Queens – Stay focused. Stay motivated. Never quit. I’m with you, and couldn’t be prouder.”

Savannah Patterson, one of the female students who rapped on the song told ABC News she believes it is time for good messages in music to outweigh the bad ones as it pertains to what children are listening to nowadays. “A lot of kids have been listening to negative songs and they probably know every lyric,” Patterson told ABC.

To watch the adorable, innovative, and thought-provoking children’s rap video for “Excellence First,” click here now! 

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