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This Site Helps Readers Find Books With Black Characters

By Victor Trammell

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A dedicated entrepreneur and author is using her website to embark on a mission to give black children more options in their reading by offering characters and stories they can personally relate to.

Veronica N. Chapman (pictured) was a student at Spellman College when she decided to help young black school-age girls by inspiring them with powerful literature that represents them and how valuable they are. Chapman, 35, is the author of multiple children’s books, including I Know I Can.

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This book is about a little girl named Faith who dreams big. “Faith is this super courageous pro who has these vivid dreams of traveling the world and meeting historical figures,” Chapman told in an exclusive interview.

“She is basically the high school valedictorian and she’s talking about the places she wants to go, like Cuba and South Africa and France, and the historical figures she dreams of having the chance to meet,” Chapman continued. recently profiled Chapman in an article about a new website she just launched.

Chapman’s website is called The main purpose of the website is to help black parents find books that their children can read and relate to. “Early literacy is so important, as is representation in the books our children read, so I spent a weekend designing,” Chapman said, according to

The books listed for sale on Chapman’s website are for children ages three to eight years of age. You can browse the website here. In addition to children’s books, Chapman’s digital business also offers the opportunity to buy apparel and accessories for young girls.

“The young girls modeling [my clothes] were so excited between having this book and having this shirt that reinforced the message, that was really exciting for them,” Chapman also said in her interview with To buy a copy of I Know I Canor shop online for apparel and accessories, visit here.

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  1. Shahara Ruth

    Hello: I am interested in submitting my book Sade and The Golden Shoe for consideration. What would I need to do for this to happen?

    Thanks in advance!


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