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Meet Michigan’s Youngest Ever Elected State Rep.

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Courtesy of Jewell Jones

A sense of accomplishment in life is an important value to have in life. This is a value that must be instilled early on during childhood.

When children grow into adolescents and eventually into young adults, it serves them well to have shining examples of greatness in their family or in their community. Greatness among the youth population of a society is a testament to how effective that society is functioning.

In the United States, a substantial part of the youth population is being failed by their society. This societal failure is even more evident among the black youth populations who live in urban municipalities all over the nation. However, there is hope for the future when one observes the life story of Jewell Jones (pictured).

Jones, an early 20-something public servant was the youngest person to ever in the state of Michigan to get elected to both the Inkster City Council and the Michigan State House of Representatives. Like any young person with a phenomenal success story, Jones had great parents who got him involved with his civic duty at an early age.

He assumed the office of State Representative in January of 2017. In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Jones talk about his political rise to prominence. “My parents planted the seed of civic engagement a long time ago,” Jones said in his exclusive Rolling Stone interview.

“They made sure I was out canvassing and invested my time in the community and organizations that we support,” he added. Jones has inspired and achieved a standard of excellence that has exemplified leadership and integrity. Education is also a value that Jones has prioritized to get to where he is ago.

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