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Researchers Suggest Children Should Stay Away from School Until Age 8

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Fat Camera/Getty Images

The charitable division of a major toy production and manufacturing company funded a study conducted by researchers at Cambridge University, which found that children should be educated far different than they generally are.

The Lego Foundation funded a multi-million dollar professorship at Cambridge that was focused on making the case for requiring children to learn by using play up until the age of eight-years-old. Hanne Rasmussen, the Lego Foundation’s Executive Director believes that play-based education for children has proven to be a better alternative for learning.

“Both in the formal education system and in the homes of children, the focus on the value of play is rather limited, Rasmussen said in her exclusive interview with The Guardian, a British Newspaper.

“That’s really something we want to work on – to improve the understanding of the value of play and what play really can do, where more and more it is squeezed by a desire both from the formal system and from parents that children should learn specific literacy and numeracy quite early,” she continued.

Lego’s multi-million dollar professorship also aims to be a catalyst for an organization called the Center for Research on Play in Education, Development, and Learning (PEDAL). This campaign seeks to achieve the goal of providing legitimate evidence, which will make a stronger case for universal play-based learning in the future.

Rasmussen and her organization are additionally concerned about the learning barriers children run into that are present in traditional education systems and in their households. However, one must think about the ulterior motives Lego may have for embarking on a campaign for universal play-based learning.

Firstly, Lego is the largest toy producer and manufacturer in the world. Could the motivation behind Lego’s campaign for universal play-based learning be strictly about profits and not better learning for children?

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