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School District In This State Becomes The First To Legally Arm Teachers

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: WTTG Fox 5 News

The unacceptable amount of mass shootings at schools across America has brought up the controversial issue of allowing school teachers to be armed in the classroom.

Proponents of this idea claim that arming teachers with guns will save lives and protect students from harm in the event of a mass shooting at school. Opponents of this idea believe that arming teachers will put the lives of some students in jeopardy due to the fact that minority children and adolescents are already criminalized by the educational system and could become future targets of “justified” homicides on campus committed by teachers.

Nonetheless, the governing board of a school district in the U.S. state of Virginia has already went forward with its plans to legalize the arming of teachers inside the walls of its schools. According to Fox 5 News, a local media outlet in the Washington D.C. metro area, the Lee County school board of Virginia performed a unanimous vote earlier this month, which paved the way for a limited amount of teachers to carry concealed weapons.

However in precipitous fashion, the five-member Lee County school board went forward with its teacher-arming mandate without first seeking the consultation of the governing body of the Virginia Department of Education. Fox 5 News revealed this aspect of the case in a report, which was published July 26th. A school board member in another Virginia county told Fox 5 News that she believes the Lee County board’s bold new move reveals a duality in her state.

“I think Lee County is probably a little bit different than Fairfax County. “It’s kind of the tale of two Virginias and where there may be support for arming teachers in one county, I don’t see there is a support for that here in Fairfax County. I do think that it’s unlikely in Fairfax County, but I do think that there needs to be support for consideration of all other options,” Elizabeth Schultz told Fox 5 News.

Schultz is a public school board member in Fairfax County, Virginia.

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