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New Study Shows How Early Black Children Are Stereotyped In School

By Victor Trammell

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A new study published in a medical journal called Contemporary Educational Psychology has proven something that mainstream education advocates would like people to believe is non-existent.

The July 2018 volume of Contemporary Educational Psychology contains a study titled Preservice Teachers’ Racialized Emotion Recognition, Anger Bias, and Hostility Attributions. The study’s lead author is Dr. Amy Halberstadt, a psychologist at North Carolina State University.

The research team for this study used the survey results, which were taken from 40 aspiring educators. In another recent article, Tom Jacobs, a senior magazine columnist for the Pacific Standard further elaborated on the multi-pronged process, which was undertaken by Dr. Halberstadt’s research team.

“[The survey participants] took part in two experiments. In the first, they looked at still photos of actors making a variety of facial expressions, which ranged from very subtle to extremely obvious,” Jacobs wrote.

“The researchers recorded whether participants correctly identified the emotion being expressed, and noted when they incorrectly chose ‘anger’ when the actor was actually expressing sadness, surprise, or some other feeling,'” he continued.

What the study also proved in the end is that the negative sterotyping of black children by teachers occurs very early in their academic lifetime.

“Together, these results consistently suggest that racialized emotion-related perceptions may enter the classroom with preservice teachers. Implications, as well as limitations that may be resolved in future studies, and extensions of these findings to other minority status populations are discussed,” the study authors wrote in their abstract.

Implicit bias is a very serious problem that is prevalent among the predominantly white law enforcement community. The adverse results of law enforcement officers exercising implicit bias has led to a great many deaths of black men and women on the streets of cities across America.

Furthermore, implicit bias by teachers in the classroom against black children has also resulted in proven adverse rammifications, which have made black children the target of unwarranted and disproportionate disciplinary action.

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