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This Mother & 3 Children Authored Exciting Books About Traveling the World

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Fennell Adventures/Facebook

An Atlanta, Georgia-based mother and her three children (two sons and a daughter) are a quartet of authors and publishers who have already reached literary magnate status with seven successful book releases.

In addition to book writing and publishing, the Fennell Family (pictured) is also involved in podcasting, art, motivational speaking, and travelling the nation, as well as the world.

However, the traveling element of this entrepreneurial black family’s recipe for greatness is the primary conduit behind its central motto, which is “Live life to the fullest.”

Jennaye Fennell is the mother in this creative quadruple team of influencers. Her daughter, Jiyah, 15, is the eldest of the three children. Jace, 9, is the older of the two boys, and Merl, 8, is the youngest child.

The seven-part, Amazon Bestselling book series the Fennells wrote and published is called Fennell Adventures. This legacy began with a family trip to Hawaii.

After the Fennells enjoyed their vacation in the Pacific paradise, Jace, the older brother in the family, told his mother that he wanted to write a book about traveling outside the U.S. mainland and tell other children about the joys that come with a change of scenery. To travel is to live. And thus, Jace’s first book titled Journey through Hawaii with Jace came to fruition.

When the success of this book kicked in, the brilliant young boy wrote a second book about his family’s trip to the Latin American island nation of Cuba. Later, the younger brother Merl got into the action with a first book effort after seeing his older brother blaze an inspirational trail for him. Merle’s first book was inspired by a family trip all around the state of Texas.

The youngest Fennell child’s second book was based on a family trip to the great and cultured southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana. But big sister Jiyah’s book-writing passion was initially inspired by the gift of art. She is an avid face painter who has performed her service for children at high-profile events. Her first book was titled Princess Jiyah’s Face Painting Fairytale.

For her own spin on the family’s traveling brand, the eldest Fennell sibling kept it close to the home front with her second book, Journey through Atlanta with Jiyah. Mother Jennaye Fennell’s book is titled Hope and Happiness, a true to life testimony on what it takes to influence entrepreneurial children who value freedom and living their dreams.

The Fennell Family has been profiled on local television stations and by notable sources in other forms of media as well. This black family’s story of financial independence, lifestyle entrepreneurship, and properly educating children is more than commendable.

Learn more about the Fennell success story and connect with this family on all its digital platforms by visiting here.

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