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Library of Congress Accepts Book by This Brilliant 7-Year-Old

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Black Enterprise Magazine (courtesy photo)

A book written by a black American boy born from Georgia has become part of the official research library of the United States.

According to Black Enterprise Magazine, Nicholas Buamah (pictured) recently had a book he wrote added to the archives of the U.S. Library of Congress, the de facto bibliotheca of the American government.

Buamah, 7, is the second-grade author of Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election DayThis book was created because its young author wanted to expand the vocabularies of the children who would read it.

This book is being sold inside physical locations at Barnes & Noble and online at Buamah likes to play chess, tennis, and basketball in his spare time. His favorite NBA team is the Golden State Warriors. However, Buamah is certainly not the average 7-year-old.

Most American children of all races that age are not yet old enough to conceptualize their ultimate dream; let alone live it. But Buamah’s mother Danielle had a desire for her son to have a above-average literacy for a child at his grade level.

“I developed the character of Kayla when Nicholas was younger to help teach him expanded vocabulary,” she told Black Enterprise exclusively.

“After being praised by his first-grade teacher for using the word ‘collaborate’ during his first week of school, I asked Nicholas what he thought about writing a book to help his friends expand their vocabularies. He thought it was a great idea, as long as one of the main characters could be a male figure, and that’s when he created Kyle,'” she continued.

Buamah co-organized his first book signing in Snellville, Georgia on December 15, 2018. He sold out in one hour and was poised for greatness before his book was even published by Mother Hubbard & Co. LLC.

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