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This 15 Year Old Home-Schooler Runs Thriving Sauce Business

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: YouTube screenshot

Homeschooling provides mothers with the freedom of being more hands-on with the necessity of educating their children. However, it can also afford families the convenience of centralizing their entrepreneurial affairs.

An amazing example of a family undertaking the home-school and home-based business balancing act is Monique Crayton and her daugher Tyla-Simone Crayton (pictured). Tyla-Simone is the CEO of a company called Sienna Wings, a culinary product and condiment manufacturer that was co-founded by Tyla-Simone and her mother in April of 2017.

“The creator of this ‘You Won’t Stop Licking Your Fingers’ Sauce, is Sienna Wings’ very own 15-year-old Tyla-Simone Crayton, she is the business savvy CEO of the company. As Monique Crayton (Tyla-Simone’s mom) chef’d up the wings, Tyla-Simone created the sauce,'” reads a statement on this family’s business website.

“The third leaf of this trio is the marketing genius, Nia Crooks, Tyla Simone’s aunt. She has pushed the company to becoming a household name in the Sienna Plantation area. The Sister/Sister and Niece trio make up the close knit wing phenomenon, Sienna Wings,” the statement also reads.

Tyla Simone’s mother left her regular job around the beginning of 2019 to home-school the teenpreneur and become a full-time participant in the family business she procured along with her daughter and her daughter’s aunt. This decision definitely paid off in a major way. According to Inside Edition, Sienna Wings is regularly raking in $8000 dollars monthly today.

“I got the idea originally because my favorite wing place closed down in New York City,” she said. “I loved the hot sauce they offered there so I went home and tried to recreate the flavor,” Tyla Simone told Southwest News Service.

This young business maven also described what it is like as a home-school teen with a leading role in her family’s business.

“It’s exciting and scary at times and it is stressful to balance my business and going to school. I love doing it and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. People should know that it is never too early to start,” Tyla-Simone also said.

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