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This Entrepreneur Invented Board Game For Kids That Teaches How to Start a Business

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: YouTube

A black inventor, award-winning public speaker, and well-established entrepreneur has created a board game for children, which teaches them how to start businesses.

Elliot Eddie (pictured) is the creator of the Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks, a world-class educational tool for business development.

Children were obviously the target market that governed the creation of this state-of-the-art board game. However, the Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks also provides a wealth of knowledge, which can also be useful to adults.

Mr. Eddie’s educational board game about entrepreneurship teaches business students of all ages how to own, build, and operate successful home-based and bricks and mortar companies.

The Shopify-powered website for the Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks is highly innovative and provides guidance for parents who are serious about educating their children about the important value of ownership.

“We may learn a lot in school, but one of the subjects its unlikely that we’ve been taught is Entrepreneurship; how to create and build a successful business of our own. Bringing fun to teaching successful entrepreneurship is The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks; game night will never be the same!” reads a statement on the board game’s website.

It is very unfortunate that today’s black children will likely not get the right tools needed to succeed at entrepreneurship from traditional schooling. This is why the work that Mr. Eddie is doing has so much value. It equips homeschooling parents with the ability to hold their family’s financial destiny in their own hands.

“Many of our schools barely teach our children the skills they need to survive. We owe it to our children and all of our futures to make sure they know that they are capable of creating a successful business. To make sure our children know that they can take their skills, talents and ideas to find a problem and solve it, to find a need and fill it, or to create a market and build it,” Eddie said in a statement, according to

“Our children must grasp that among all of the things they can be now, and as they grow up, an entrepreneur is definitely within their grasp,” he continued.

Buy the Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks for your homeschooling family here.

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