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Homeschool Family’s Children Were Taken by CPS Based On No Merit

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Photo credits: Autumn King

In New York City, New York, the local government’s Child Protective Services (CPS) division has broken up a black homeschooling family without any substantiated cause.

According to the Epoch Times (an NYC-based newspaper), an incident (which began in December 2015) that involves a black NYC-based homeschooling family has many people questioning whether the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) of NYC had the right to move against this family by breaking them up.

The family of Hemerd and Autumn King homeschooled their children prior to ACS taking its controversial actions against them in December 2015. Mr. and Mrs. King have five children in all. The Epoch Times reported in a recent update on this case that Mr. King has not seen any of his children in two years.

“For the Kings, the nightmare started in December 2015 when a social worker from the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), the New York City’s CPS agency, came to the door of their apartment,” reads this recent report in the Epoch Times.

“Hemerd couldn’t believe the ACS would have anything to complain about when it came to his family. He let the worker in and, it appeared, she found everything was in order,” the reports also reads.

However, despite the ACS worker’s findings that everything in the homeschooling household appeared okay, the agency still moved to take the King’s children away based on what it called “educational neglect.”

But Mr. King found out much later on that his children were taken away due to a spiteful building contractor’s actions. The contractor called ACS on this family because of the father’s complaints to property management. Mr. King claimed that the apartment building he lived in with his family was not getting properly repaired the way it should have been.

At the end of this horrible scenario the King Family went through with the system, their children were ultimately placed by the State in the care of Mrs. King’s mother in California. However, this has hardly given them any consolation because the children’s maternal grandmother has not been communicating with the family that well.

But Mr. King will continue the fight to reunite his homeschooling family alongside his wife. “I have no intention of stopping,” he told the Epoch Times.

Read more about this eye-opening case by visiting the research source link given for this article below.

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One thought on “Homeschool Family’s Children Were Taken by CPS Based On No Merit

  1. Denise K

    This is absolutely ludicrous and the powers that be need to called to account for this action against this family. The management of the apartment building needs to be called to account as well for it was/is their employee who set these wheels in motion due to possibly being a slum Bldg maintenance worker who didn’t want to work or even know how to work in the maintenance field. In any case retribution needs to happen immediately and some people need to be unemployed as a result of this debacle ASAP! My prayers to &for this family will continue cause there’s nothing too hard for GOD


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