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Star Rapper Shares Advantages of Homeschooling His Daughter On Breakfast Club

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga-Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Top Dawg Entertainment/Interscope Records

A five-time Grammy nominee and successful American hip hop artist revealed on a national morning radio show that he is a member of the homeschooling movement.

Vibe Magazine recently reported that Top Dawg Entertainment/Interscope Records rapper ScHoolBoy Q (pictured right) gave a telling interview on The Breakfast Club Morning Show.

ScHoolBoy Q (born Quincy M. Hanley) appeared on the popular New York City-based radio show to talk about a number of things, including how he has been affected by the recent deaths of other notable rap artists.

Hanley, 32, personally knew the late Mac Miller, a former Warner Brothers Records-affiliated hip hop artist. Miller passed away in September 2018 at the young age of 26. The platinum-selling rapper’s cause of death was officially classified as an accidental drug overdose. Miller and Hanley were more than music collaborators. They were close friends.

“To this day I can’t understand how I can’t call [Mac Miller] anymore. Losing a soul to gang banging is way different than losing a friend that’s an innocent kid…super pure,” Hanley said of Miller in his interview.

The Kendrick Lamar-affiliated rhymer also talked about the impact of the late Nipsey Hustle and how his fellow California rapper impacted the community. Hanley shared how he was personally influenced by Hustle and his movement.

But the happiest moment in Hanley’s Breakfast Club interview was when he mentioned how he is raising his 10-year-old daughter Joy (pictured left). When she was in the fourth grade, Hanley took Joy out of the conventional school she was attending. He claimed his daughter was not doing good academically. She also showed no desire to socialize with classmates.

My daughter [hated] school. She would always start off good in school [and then her grades would slip]. She hated it…never really went to friend’s parties, none of that. She said she doesn’t want to go so I took her out and put her in homeschool,” Hanley told the Breakfast Club’s co-hosts.

However, Joy’s academic fervor has increased and she is performing on a grade level two years ahead of where she is supposed to be. “It’s no distractions. [Conventional] school is just a big distraction,” he added.

Watch ScHoolBoy Q’s full morning radio show interview below.

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