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KC Kidpreneur Pays Off School Lunch Debts Using Profits From Bakery Business

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

A third-grader at Kansas City, Missouri’s University Academy is making a big difference in her community using entrepreneurship and good will.

According to Kansas City’s local Fox 4 News, Ire Cherry (pictured) made a charitable contribution to her fellow students at University Academy.

Cherry, 9, recently heard some sad stories about other children at her school. These children were denied certain privileges due to debts stemming from unpaid school lunches.

Cherry (an established kidpreneur) felt compelled to help her fellow University Academy students and used her thriving food service business called Very Cherry Bakery.

This brilliant, disciplined, and hard-working grade school child started baking when she was only three-years-old. She is also the youngest person in Kansas City history to obtain a food handler’s license.

To help indigent children at University Academy with their school lunch debts, Cherry paid $150 dollars to her school. Her parents have taught her well about good business acumen and how successful entrepreneurship sets the stage for genuine social responsibility.

“When she turned 8, she came to myself and my husband and asked could she have a bakery. “I said, ‘Ire, no matter where you go in life, there’s always someone in a worse situation than you, and your best gift in life is to always give,'” said Ire’s mother Christina Cherry in an interview with Fox 4 News.

Little Ms. Cherry has soaked up the wisdom bestowed on her from her mother and father. She also talked to Fox 4 about performing this wonderful act of charity for her fellow students.

“As a kid, I know I love fun things, and when you don’t pay, you don’t really get to go on field trips,” Cherry said.

This adorable little girl’s story is a testament to what happens when parents effectively do their jobs at home. Entrepreneurship is not solely about making money off your passion. It is also about using the profits you earn to fix the social ills that contemporary societal institutions (such as public school systems) have been unable to repair.

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