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Father/Author Releases Book to Help Kids Cope With Divorce & Separation

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

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Children never ask to be brought into this world under any circumstances.

Ideally, children fare better most of the time when they are able to thrive in a household supported by both parents. However, for a wide variety of reasons, divorce and separations occur between mothers and fathers.

According to a report by Amy Morin (an educator and psychotherapist), nearly half of all British and American children live in divorced households under a single parent by the age of 16.

“Teenagers may become quite angry about a divorce and the changes it creates. They may blame one parent for the dissolution of the marriage or they may resent one or both parents for the upheaval in the family,” Morin wrote in her report titled The Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children.

However, hope lies in the many useful ways, which children can cope during the difficult ordeals of divorce and separation between their parents.

Peter Johnson (pictured left) is an entrepreneur, actor, and film director. He is also a father who has two young children. Johnson is the author of a children’s book titled The Cow on Two Farms: A Children’s Guide of How to Cope with Divorce and Separation.

When conceptualizing this book, Johnson sought to offer a creative way to help his own children deal with the complexities of the separation between himself and their mother.

“I want children to see the benefits of living in two homes. I wanted my children to understand that I loved them, and we were going to remain a family despite the separation,” Johnson said, according to Black News.

“It was important for them to know that this experience does not necessarily have to be a scary memory but a childhood adventure where they feel loved and share a few laughs with their loved ones,” he continued.

Johnson’s main character in his book is named Cathy the Cow. She begins to experience confusion when she has to visit her father on another farm at some point after her birth.

In his book, Johnson uses farm animals to help explain coping mechanisms to children who have parents that are no longer living together. You can watch a trailer for this book below.

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Author: Peter Johnson

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