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Georgia School Offers Youth Sports to Home-schooled Kids

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Facebook/Georgia Angels Girls Basketball

One of the biggest misconceptions about homeschooling is that it robs children of their ability to participate in organized athletics.

This is simply not true. A number of notable athletes who were home-schooled went on to compete at the collegiate level and beyond. Famous athletes like the Williams Sisters, Tim Tebow, and Blake Griffin have all been home-schooled prior to enjoying their careers in professional sports.

Another big misconception about home-schooled children is that they experience a lack of socialization. Organized athletics offers children a great socialization environment. It also offers home-schooled children valuable life skills, such as team dynamics.

There are also a number of private Christian schools that often market their athletics programs to home-schooled children. The Cumberland School, a K3-12 Christian located in Georgia, is currently marketing its array of athletics programs specifically to homeschooling families.

The Cumberland School has two locations in Cobb County, Georgia. Kara Reddick is the Coach and Director of the Georgia Angels girls basketball team. Reddick is a black woman who started her own organization earlier this year. She also works closely with the Cumberland School.

This institution boasts a sizable and successful black student population. Reddick came across our website recently as she was looking to help the Cumberland School recruit black home-schooled children specifically.

“I have been coaching youth sports for over eight years; coaching both boys and girls basketball ranging in age from four-years-old to 18-years-old,” Reddick said in an exclusive phone interview with

Coach Reddick also said that the Cumberland School is receiving special sponsorship in its appeal to get home-schooled children involved in sports.

“The Cumberland School has a hybrid home-school program that partners with the community to allow students who are home-schooled to attend and participate in athletic activities,” she also said in her phone interview.

Contact Coach Kara Reddick by reaching out to the Georgia Angels Girls Basketball team’s Facebook page here.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling, visit:

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